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#13 Roman Cabanac

11th April 2018 | Thoughts Podcast | Featured | 2:03:51

Roman Cabanac is an observational cynic, co-host of the Renegade Report (Podcast) which is under and host of the Verity Podcast. Among a host of other things we discussed politics, anarchism, freedom of speech, the start of the renegade report and how it became to be the biggest weekly downloaded podcast in the country as well as his ideas for his new podcast Verity.

#12 Ian Weinberg

4th April 2018 | Thoughts Podcast | Podcast | 1:57:06

Doctor Ian Weinberg is a bestselling author and practising Neurosurgeon, he has just released a new book “Leading with Consciousness awareness”. Dr Weinberg is also the creator and founder of Neurosurge which is an integrated neuro-coaching platform based on neurosciences and Psychoneuroimmunoloy (PNI) and quantifiable through online the neurodiagnostics and e-modulate programs. We sat down in the Tellytrack studios and discussed how he became a neurosurgeon, his love for all things consciousness and how he eventually developed and then offered to the world his PNI diagnostic tools. This was without a doubt one of my favorite podcasts with one of the most fascinating individuals I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

#11 Gilan Gork

28th March 2018 | Thoughts Podcast | Podcast | 55:38

Gilan Gork is an internationally renowned mentalist and founder of the Influence institute (which teaches people how to apply a working knowledge of influence and persuasion to real-life practical situations, to be able to lead, sell, negotiate, market and inspire on a new level). He is also the Author of the Best-selling Book “The Persuasion Games” and in as active Speaker. We sat down in the Teletrack studios and discussed how Gilan got involved in mentalism and his progression to opening a business and becoming an author and what he has planned for the future.
He also played some mentalist games with me and legitimately got me on the podcast.

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Huntley Smith

Huntley Smith

Huntley Smith is a director of BSG and Managing Direct of Accelerator Consulting Services which specialises in performance management and brand positioning.

Huntley is also a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Brown belt and co-Founder of Arte Suave Brazilian Jiu Jitsu which has multiple clubs in South Africa and Mauritius.

In addition he is also the president of SABJJF (South African Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation) which is affiliated to the Sport Jiu Jitsu International Federation (SJJIF).

And now, Huntley is your host of the Thought Lab Podcast

His passions and interests include:

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"For many years I have questioned everything, my thirst for knowledge is as insatiable as my love for martial arts and developing those around me in business and life" – Huntly Smith

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