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Dricus du Plessis

1st August 2018 | Thoughts Podcast | Featured | 1:55:23

Dricus du Plessis is a Mixed Martial Artist boasting two EFC titles (Middleweight and Welterweight) and the KSW Welterweight Title, he was joined in studio by co-host Richie Quan. We sat down in the Tellytrack studios and discussed how Dricus started Mixed Martial Arts, His career as an amateur, his first fights and training, how he became a professional and joined EFC, his middle and welterweight title fights in the EFC, His recent fight for the KSW welterweight title in Poland. We also discussed how CIT is expanding, his new beer called Stillnox and then we discussed the news about about his up and coming title defense fight in KSW.

#24 John Vlismas

17th July 2018 | Thoughts Podcast | Featured | 1:44:29

John Vlismas is a South African Comedian turned producer/director and business speaker. His new show is out called Brain Dump. We sat down in the Tellytrack studios and spoke about how podcasts are changing the world, religions place in modern society, we discussed the intellectual dark web, we questioned dolphin’s intelligence and the importance for learning critical thinking, we delved into conspiracy theories and then john discussed the motivation for his new comedy show brain dump off the back of a family crises.

#23 Ndumiso Hadebe

11th July 2018 | Thoughts Podcast | Featured | 1:52:56

Ndumiso Hadebe is trained and applied economics and international trade, a development economist for Gibs SA, Faculty contributor for One Day Leader, an MC under Whacked Management and a founding member of Khomba Africa which is an online localised business directory start-up. Among  a host of topics we discussed management, leadership, entrepreneurship, how Khomba was started, how cheap internet can change the south African landscape, life hacks, discovering our value systems and goal setting.

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Huntley Smith

Huntley Smith

Huntley Smith is a director of BSG and Managing Direct of Accelerator Consulting Services which specialises in performance management and brand positioning.

Huntley is also a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Brown belt and co-Founder of Arte Suave Brazilian Jiu Jitsu which has multiple clubs in South Africa and Mauritius.

In addition he is also the president of SABJJF (South African Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation) which is affiliated to the Sport Jiu Jitsu International Federation (SJJIF).

And now, Huntley is your host of the Thought Lab Podcast

His passions and interests include:

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